Thursday, 24 November 2011

your smile make me melts..

sometimes i feel that i have done something wrong but i don't know what is it. can u please tell me why. but when i see 

ur smile i feel calm. i know you just feel tired and stress that why u keep ignoring your friend i don't want 

you be like that.

 at first i know you, you are the best person and cool, but now u have been someone that i never know 

before. its not cool anymore okeyh. i love to hear your voice, your jokes that make i laugh.
 (at first time we know maybe)

please be yourselves, don't be others just because you want to impress them....

don't forget to smile...:)

i didn't want admit it,
it was easier to lie,
to hide the hurt and emptiness,
to smile instead of cry,


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