Thursday, 24 November 2011

co-curriculum is fun

i love co-curriculum!!

you know why i said like that.. actually in my college we need to attend curriculum class.. 

it for our minor subject...memang best laaaaa!!! i get into netball group.. my lecturer is Mrs foo ai peng.. its

 really awesome!! i can't wait for Wednesday because our co-curriculum is on Wednesday.. for the last class 

we have our test, we need to shoot accurately in netball. my score is only 6/10.. not cool isn't?? our lecturer 

has done such a great thing by teach us new tips. the thing i can't wait is, next year we will go for a camping 

trip~ maybe in Pulau Pangkor with my class!!of courselaa Shakespeare kan...hadoi...the only class that go

alone, the other class will combine such as A1 and A2,, A3 and A4,, the only thing that i can say is i love coco 

so much like i love chocolate cadbury roast almond...(tetiba ja)

nyummy.....laparrr arhh,,,


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